Job offers in Holland



Our agency publishes offers of jobs in the Netherlands in several industries, along with home care. On our website, you can find various job offers in logistics, gardening, production or home care. We are looking for production line employees, warehouse workers, cleaners, drivers and carers for the elderly. Our offers also include vacancies for specialists, such as welders or forklift operators. Moreover, we have a number of offers for couples – mostly for the positions of commission agents or production workers.

Our job posts for specialists in the Netherlands require from the candidates various professional skills. Those who wish to apply for a driver post need not only to hold a category B driving license, but also to speak English or Dutch. If you wish to work as a forklift operator, you will probably need the applicable licence. Welders will need a welder certificate. In the position of a carer for the elderly, experience with such work is important, while an order picker needs to have the ability to stay precise and highly focused when performing his or her tasks. Each job offer is thus different, which makes it easier for you to choose a suitable one.


While browsing through the offers for jobs abroad, you should consider several points. A reliable employment agency offers legal employment and assists with attending to all essential formalities – this is why you can count on the support of E&A not only while you are in Poland, but also in the Netherlands, where our Polish speaking office staff will help you acquire a tax code and remain at your service throughout the whole period of your employment abroad. Furthermore, you should check the mode of remuneration payment. Most of our employers pay remuneration weekly, and our employees receive details of the remuneration including the number of hours worked and the sum of deductions and bonuses. At the end of each fiscal year, our employees receive a so called Jaaropgaaf, a Dutch tax card on the basis of which you can apply for a refund of the tax overpayment.

While considering taking up employment the Netherlands, you should check how often and for how long you will be able to come back to Poland. In most cases, you are allowed to visit Poland after 6-8 weeks of work, whereas the breaks from work can usually be from 1 to 2 weeks long. While browsing through job offers, you should pay special attention to the requirements, scope of responsibilities of the particular job post and conditions in which the work is to be performed. Currently, our job offers for the Netherlands include both single-shift work as well as employment for those who are prepared to work shifts. Some job posts require the employee to work in cold warehouses or halls, engage into teamwork or – in the case of an independent position – demonstrate a high level of self-discipline.

Each of our job offers in the Netherlands is extensively described, so that you can readily assess which of them fulfil your requirements and are at the same time suitable with regard to your knowledge and abilities. Thanks to this, your chances of finding a stable employment greatly increase.


E&A is an employment agency, which provides a variety of work offers in the Netherlands. We have been working with our Dutch contractors for years, assisting Polish employees in taking up work in various cities. We operate comprehensively –not only do we publish offers of immediately available jobs, we also take care of all formalities connected to the employment. In addition, we organise transport abroad and ensure housing in worker hotels, flats, bungalows or housing containers, making sure that your accommodation is located close to your workplace. Moreover, we organise paid transport to work and back in a minibus or car, and those who live very close to the workplace will be provided with a bike for a small fee. We will make sure that you do not forget about the need to pay for your health insurance, which will ensure you a sense of security and medical assistance in case any health problems occur.

We continuously publish the newest job offers on our website, but in order to choose the most suitable option, you can also visit one of our offices, which are situated in many cities in Poland. In that case we will interview you and check your language skills, which will allow us to get to know you better and suggest an offer optimal for your skills, education and work experience. If you fill in our application form, you will be able to apply for a selected job offer anytime.

Intermediating between employees and employers in the Netherlands is our speciality, which can be supported by many people, who have chosen our services and started to work abroad. If you are also interested in this form of employment, do not hesitate and check today’s job offers. Call us, pay us a visit or apply on-line – we are waiting for you!