Actual job offers

Commissioner, Order picker

Rate: 16.3 €/h brutto z dodatkiem urlopowym i rezerwami na poczet dni urlopu

Production line employee

Rate: 17.41 €/h brutto z dodatkiem urlopowym i rezerwami na poczet dni urlopu

Logistics engineer

Rate: 19.42 €/h brutto z dodatkiem urlopowym i rezerwami na poczet dni urlopu

Commissioner, Order picker

Rate: 16.53 €/h brutto z dodatkiem urlopowym i rezerwami na poczet dni urlopu

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Mężczyzna w niebieskim kasku oraz kobieta w białym kasku na magazynie

If you are looking for a job abroad, you will surely notice that each of our offers includes a clear and transparent description, so that they present the type and character of the job position as well as possible. All offers of employment abroad, including the jobs available at once, comprise information on the working and employment conditions, your rights and privileges as well as the requirements of employers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

E&A employment agency offices provide offers of immediate employment abroad in various industries and professions. We offer work abroad in logistics, on production lines and in gardening, to name a few. Moreover, we have a range of offers for qualified specialists such as welders or forklifts operators.

Those interested in our offers of immediate employment abroad and willing to apply for selected job positions in the Netherlands, should fill in the registration form available on the website. In the application form for a specific job offer, you need to indicate your email address and phone number. You can also inquire about a job directly, by calling to one of the E&A offices. Our staff will be glad to provide detailed information regarding the job offers of your choice.

You are kindly invited to look through the job ads, including immediate employment offers available as soon as from the following weekend, and to apply for the posts of your choice!



We take care to ensure that our service of agency in employment abroad is of the highest quality. For that reason, apart from the standard offers of work abroad, we provide a range of additional benefits, such as free transport back to Poland for employees under the age of 21, job offers for couples, holiday and leave bonuses and much more. Additionally, we guarantee a safe and comfortable transport to the workplace in the Netherlands.

When you are in the Netherlands, you will remain under the care of our Polish speaking coordinators, who will give you professional advice and comprehensibly arrange your stay. Your salary will be transferred every week directly to your bank account, and each worker employed by E&A employment agency will receive a registry of hours of work along with precise information regarding any bonuses and fees connected to employment abroad. You will thus receive a document summarising each week of your work.



Kobieta w zielonym fartuszku pielęgnuje sadzonki

To ensure the safety and comfort during your travel, we cooperate with a partner transport company GTV Bus, which has over 20 years of experience on the market. Thanks to its conscientiousness, flexibility and individual approach to customers, GTV has established a high position among transport companies. A proof of the quality of their services is a growing number of customers, which gets higher year by year.

Careful selection of office employees, logistics workers and especially drivers ensures that the service will be of the highest quality according to not only Polish standards, but also European ones. The recruitment process in GTV Bus is highly demanding and ensures that the people to whom we entrust your safety and psychological comfort, will do anything to make the travel a pleasant part of the employment.



Młody mężczyzna z paczką w rękach

If you had already worked in the Netherlands, remember that you should comply with the tax formalities in order to avoid any inconveniences and legal problems. Every worker employed in the Netherlands via our office receives an annual tax card, a so called Jaaropgaaf. On the basis of this document, you will be able to file a Dutch tax return and apply for a tax refund.

Additionally, apart from services connected to the tax return, we offer assistance in applying for Zorgtoeslag health bonus, Dutch foreign-residence allowance, Kinderbijslag (Dutch child benefit) or child budget – Kindgebonden. If Poland is the centre of your interests and the place where you are registered as a permanent resident, you should settle your tax liabilities there, in which we can naturally help as well.



Mężczyzna w pomarańczowej koszulce i okularach w pracowni

Our overseas employment agency office has been functioning continuously for almost 20 years. Throughout this time, we have built a strong position on the domestic market as a reliable and trustworthy entity offering attractive working conditions in the Netherlands and Belgium. We offer exclusively legal employment abroad and our candidates can enjoy a range of additional services.

We take care of essential formalities, organise transport and housing, as well as give professional advice and help not only on the stage of choosing an appropriate job vacancy but also throughout the whole employment period. In addition, we assist with improving English language skills, which can definitely prove useful during the job interviews. Our employment agency office has been awarded the OKAP quality certificate and takes part in the Financially Reliable Company programme [Firma Wiarygodna Finansowo]. Our reliability and stability are also supported by the positive feedback we receive from those who have used or are using our services. We continue to observe the changes in the job market and use our extensive experience in order to offer the best possible job positions with transparent conditions. We take care to ensure that the level of our recruitment services for jobs in the Netherlands and Belgium is the highest possible and that the workers employed abroad feel safe and comfortable.