One of the first things to do once you come to the Netherlands is to sign the contract with E&A Uitzendbureau B.V or other company within the holding. Those who are going to work in the Netherlands for the first time also have to obtain BSN (Sofinummeru, a Dutch VAT number). Every Dutch office has its own Polish language staff members who can help you obtain it and give advice or provide help during the whole period of employment.


To ensure your safety, we would like to remind you that you should take out basic health insurance for the necessary medical assistance during your stay. Our employees are insured in the insurance company Zorg en Zekerheid and the premium is deducted directly from the salary. The cost of insurance is 20.11 € per week. If you want your health insurance to be valid during leave, please fill in the relevant form provided by your employer.


If you choose us, you are also provided with accommodation. This includes employees hotel rooms, flats in blocks or tenements, terraced houses, bungalows and accommodation trailers. We try to ensure that the place of residence is as close as possible to the employer's facility. The standard of all accommodations is similar. You can also use a kitchenette, bathroom and a common living room. For hygienic reasons, please take a sleeping bag, pillow and sheet with you since we do not provide bedclothes. You should also take a mug, plate and cutlery. The cost of accommodation is 92.50 € gross per week.


We ensure safe and comfortable commuting. Depending on the commuting distance, the available means of transport are minibus, motor car or bicycle. In the case of some employer's facilities, you have to pay for commuting service:

  • to commute to work by business car you pay € 3,75 for each day of work (max. € 18,75 per week); drivers do not pay for it (however, only on days when they actually drive a vehicle);
  • with respect to those who use E&A bikes, the amount of € 3,75 per week will be deducted from their salary.


This is obviously a crucial element. After every week of work, employees will be given a detailed report specifying their hours of work, benefits, charges and deductions. On the basis of this settlement (Salarisspecificatie), the salary will be transferred every week to the indicated personal account number. The first salary will be paid in the third week from the start of employment. Salary components and its amount are diverse, depending on the industry and character of the work performed. The amount of salary covers:

  • gross hourly rate,
  • overtime, shift and base allowance,
  • holiday and leave remuneration,
  • bonuses for work in holiday season.


All who would like to start working by the agency of our company are invited to fill in the registration form on our website. Then you have to visit one of our offices. During the meeting, you will participate in the job interview and take a language test. This is to match accurately the employee with the Dutch employer on the basis of ongoing job offers. Once you passed the interview, you can apply for a given offer so that recruiters can know about you. This can be done on our website in the tab “Latest job offers.” Applications can be made only by those who are registered in our data base and have provided us with the valid cell phone number and e-mail address. Those who meet the requirements of a given employer are invited for a job interview to one of our offices. At the meeting, we are going to provide you with all relevant information on the job and working conditions, and sign a preliminary contract. We do our best to offer you a stable and permanent employment. However, whether this can be ensured depends on the employees reliability and involvement, their courteousness, teamwork skills and desire to solve the problems in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding of benefits.


If you want to take up employment by our agency, you must have a valid passport or Polish identity card. Those who go to the Netherlands must also possess a foreign currency account in euro and valid payment card. If you once worked in the Netherlands, please attach your BSN number (Soffinumer).


A great number of employers who cooperate with us require our candidates to submit a certificate of clean criminal record. We recommend that you go to the relevant office of the National Criminal Register attached to the court to obtain the document by making a request to provide information about a person (you can download it here: Court fee for this procedure amounts to 30.00 PLN. If you cannot obtain the certificate before you leave, you can fill in the request and authorize somebody else to collect the document for you (you can download it here: link to authorisation request). Request can be also made via Internet or by letter (more information on: Please note that the employer may refuse to enter into a contract or may terminate employment if the employee is not able to submit the above mentioned document or if the employee holds back the fact that s/he was sentenced, or if the employee submits a false certificate of clean criminal record (irrespective of the criminal liability pertaining to such cases).


Working time is another significant issue related to employment. It is defined as follows:

  • first stay – minimum 8 weeks,
  • you can work overtime if there is a sufficient number of orders,
  • you can accept the following work routine: you work for 6-8 weeks and stay in your country for 1-2 weeks.


Every employee is given the annual report (so called Jaaropgaaf) on the basis of which you can settle the Dutch tax.